February 10, 2010

The buzz on Google Buzz

You probably have noticed that Google Buzz is getting a lot of, well, buzz. It showed up on my Gmail this morning and I have been busy playing around with it every free chance during this snowy day in New York.

Google Buzz is like Twitter or Facebook's Status Updates -- just integrated into Gmail. The mobile experience is awesome. As long as you're okay with sharing your location with strangers, Buzz allows you to attach your location to every update (or tweet, buzz, etc.). Then, you can take a look at a Google Map mash-up and see everyone else's updates near you. Creepiness aside, it's really cool!

Here are two screenshots from my phone that show that mobile experience on an iPhone --


Already on Twitter and not ready to jump ship? Google Buzz can integrate your public Twitter posts and pull them into Buzz. Sold.

1 comment:

  1. Just checked it out on my iPhone - thanks for the tip! Looking forward to more tips and secrets... :)