April 19, 2010

Apple's iPhone 4G

Apparently a prototype iPhone "4G" was found on the floor of a bar in San Jose. My biggest question is -- how many people lost their job for that royal screw up?!

April 5, 2010

Eagles trade McNabb to Redskins

I'm not surprised that McNabb was traded. But I'm shocked it was to the Eagles' NFC East rival, the Washington Redskins. I'm a Cowboys fan and everyone hates the Cowboys. Especially fellow NFC East rivals: the Giants, Redskins, and Eagles.

The Redskins, in my opinion, are the least hated team on the NFC East. Granted, much of that can be because the Redskins haven't won the NFC East since 1999.

Now, with McNabb playing in Washington - get ready for a new rivalry!

Most Eagles fans are probably excited to see Kolb step up as starter. But how bout Michael Vick now at the #2 spot?!

Is it football season yet?!

April 2, 2010

I want an iPad

Everyone is complaining that the iPad "isn't a laptop replacement." I agree. But - there's an app for that.

Once RealVNC releases an iPad version -- it's all over.  Keep in mind, too, that the iPhone/iPod version will work on the iPad.

VNC Viewer allows you to take control of your PC or Mac from *anywhere*. Want to watch a Hulu video on your couch? Open VNC Viewer, connect to your computer, and watch Hulu.com on your computer's browser.  Simple as that.

There are already some VNC applications ready at the iPad's launch, such as "iTap VNC Client" for $7.99.  I'm a fan of RealVNC so I sort of have a bias.  Finally, LogMeIn has released an update to their Ignition app, which is great - but retails for a hefty $29.99.

Now, all I need is an iPad!